BE R.A.W – Resilient. Authentic. Willing – Innovating in the Wellness Industry via Technology

Life is challenging enough, that when you add being in the fashion and/or entertainment, it can
enhance difficulties with the nature of these industries being cutthroat, sometimes superficial and
extremely competitive. These three additional challenges on top of everyday life, can make it
difficult to achieve being the best version of yourself. This is a big reason in which why Shery
Zarnegin decided to launch: BE R.A.W (Resilient•Authentic•Willing).

“Becoming the best version of ourselves begins with accepting that working on ourselves is
never done and reaching for our higher self is not about pursuing perfection, but rather about
progressing, learning and growing a little bit every day” says Zarnegin.

With technology creating and enhancing new innovations in various industries to adapt to
changes in trends and in the way in which the world is headed, it was only fitting to create an app
incorporating mind and body techniques to empower individuals to manage reactions to life’s
challenges. One way in which this is done is with BE R.A.W’s custom analytics dashboard
providing unique insights to better understand which activities provide the most effective results!

Shery Zarnegin is the founder of BE R.A.W and the creator of the BE R.A.W Method. A mother
of two and a UCLA graduate, Zarnegin once had the “perfect” designer life whose glamorous
façade masked a reality of emotional abuse. She was inspired to develop BE R.A.W in the wake
of a painful divorce and subsequent ostracism from her conservative Persian Jewish community.
She lost her friends, her financial stability, and her identity – and she was forced to deal with her
anxiety, anger, and sadness head-on. The healing strategies that she established would transform
her great loss into her life’s true purpose: BE R.A.W.

Join us and BE R.A.W – we can’t wait to see what else is in store for this #GirlBoss!

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