RevCascade and Marla Cielo – Two Companies Innovating via Story Telling & Technology

Technology nowadays is a crucial part to shaping the trends currently being discussed in the
fashion industry and more importantly in making the world a better place. When you have a
technologist inspired by a fashion designer, only greatness is achieved which is what happened
when Josh Wexler and Andrea Tobin met.

Andrea Tobin – a former competitive tennis player – traded her ground stroke for brushstrokes
years ago. With the creation of mural-size canvasses that are fueled by the raw emotions and
experiences that surrounds us all. Due to this, she felt that the art which instilled so many
different emotions, should be carried, thus turning her artwork into one of a kind bags under the
brand name: Marla Cielo.

“Please touch the art. One of a kind luxury handbags made from original paintings” says Tobin.

Josh Wexler is a serial entrepreneur who has built several global companies in a variety of
industries ranging from retail and consumer products to media and publishing. RevCascade is a
technology facilitating drop shipments from wholesalers to consumers – it may not seem like a
big innovation, however, it really has had significant results for retailers as well as it raises an
even bigger question as stated by WWD which is: “what should a store be? If you’re in and
buying off a screen, why not just stay home and do it on your own screen?”

However, this also all turns into a sustainability component both from the standpoint of the Marla
Cielo brand as well as the RevCascade technology, which is: not keeping inventory in stock
unless purchased, which speaks a lot on “sustainability” which as Fern Mallis – Creator of
NYFW – stated recently at FASHINNOVATION: “Sustainability is the new black”!

We are excited to see the progression of these two companies as they are definitely on the right
track when it comes to various trends we are seeing in the industry which include: transparency,
sustainability, storytelling and collaboration – all very fitting under the umbrella of: Fashion Is to

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